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The SSP is based upon Polyvagal Theory which was developed by Dr. Steven Porges.   This protocol offers a  way to re-regulate the autonomic nervous system through modified sound.  The music of the SSP has been filtered through a patented, evidence-based algorithm that highlights specific sound frequencies that help regulate the autonomic nervous system and stimulate the vagus nerve. This digitally altered music signals safety to the autonomic nervous. This program is delivered via video link only.

Humans need social connection. We look for cues of safety in other people by reading their faces, body language and tone of voice. Some people, including adults and children who have experienced really difficult life events, are living with illness or injury, have sensory, learning or developmental differences, such as autism, or for many other reasons, may miss or misinterpret these cues as threatening. Their autonomic nervous system may be biased toward experiencing the environment as unsafe, which can limit the body’s ability to heal and recover.










Signs and Symptoms of possible Autonomic Dysregulation

Facial flushing

Chronic pain

Hypersensitive hearing

Easily startled

Feelings of panic and fear

Tendency to 'collapse' and withdraw

Easily overwhelmed by busy situations

Avoidance of touch

Easily angered

Difficulty relaxing

Digestive upset

SSP is not suitable for individuals with:

Seizure disorders

Active/untreated trauma history

Active engagement in self harm/ substance abuse

Dissociative disorder or Psychosis

In the midst of a significant life upheaval

Living in an unsafe situation

What happens during an SSP session?

Initially  the SSP consists of 1:1 sessions where the focus is on learning about your autonomic nervous system. You will learn strategies and adopt self care routines to regulate your system.  Once these are established, you begin to listen to the digitally altered music using an app on your phone.  Some of the time spent listening is done privately in your own home but you maintain ongoing contact with me via text/email.  Zoom sessions are held to discuss your progress, learning and your experience.

The SSP helps to regulate the autonomic nervous system and improve auditory processing, leading to better social connection. When we experience the world as safe, we can more effectively and efficiently use our internal resources to support health and well-being, building the foundation for awareness, embodiment and resilience.




 The Safe and Sound Protocol 

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